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How To Farm SP In Fire Emblem (FE) Engage

Here's all there is on how to Farm Skill Points in Fire Emblem Engage.

One of the most important parts of playing FE Engage is to unlock more and more skills for each member of your unit. While it won’t come off that easy, grinding and then utilizing it in the correct place is quite necessary. That brings us to SP or Skill Points. So how to farm Skill Points in Fire Emblem Engage. There are multiple ways in which you can do so and this guide will help you do that easily. Since you are looking to expand the powers of your units, we recommend you go through this guide and learn how to get SP in FE Engage.

How to Farm Skill Points in Fire Emblem Engage

FE Engage Get SP

While there are a few ways to get SP in FE Engage, the first thing you need to do is equip the unit with the Emblem Ring. Once you do that you can acquire the necessary points and then unlock those skills. Once you unlock them you won’t need the ring to use that attack. Keeping that in mind, you will also have to use the points carefully.

Now that you know how useful they are, here’s how to farm Skill Points in Fire Emblem Engage:

  • While having the ring equipped, defeat as many enemies as you can. You will earn more SP.
  • Between battles, you are allowed 3 standard training sessions where you can fight allies and earn a lot of Skill Points.
  • Silver Corrupted enemies will offer you even more SP. Defeat them to earn more Skill Points in FE Engage.
  • There are two Emblem Skills called Great Sacrifice and Inheritance Skill. When used together, you can heal the HP of your units and by doing so earn SP in FE Engage.

That’s all there is on how to farm Skill Points in Fire Emblem Engage. While you are here, make sure you check out our other FE Engage guides right here at Gamer Tweak.