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How To Farm Project Points In Rage 2 To Unlock The Best Skills

Struggling to unlock new Skills, read this guide

Looking how to can get Project Points fast then you are in the right place. In Rage 2 you have four allies with different Projects to unlock, which is nothing more than Skills. To unlock the levels and tiers you need two things Fertlite to unlock the exact skill you will need Project Points. Without it you cannot progress ahead in Rage 2, some projects are highly useful like increasing your capacity to carrying ammo, explosives, recovery, tracking storage containers, etc. At the end of this guide, you can find necessary links to farm Fertlite and info on different projects along which are the best one. In this guide, you can check the tips on what to do to get maximum Project Points in Rage 2.


How To Farm Project Points In Rage 2

Depending on the NPC you can farm project points on the basis of activities associated with them. Lily Prowley falls in the basic category so she does not has any tiers but John Marshall, Lossum Hagar, and Dr. Kvasir has four tiers each with various projects. Below is the list of activities NPC wise, do them first to unlock max Project Points.

Activities To Farm Kill & Destroy Project Points: Projects by John Marshall

  1. Mutie Nest
  2. Electro Forge
  3. Bandit Den
  4. Crusher Nest

Activities To Farm Capture & Control Project Points: Projects by Loosum Hagar

  1. PIT Shop
  2. Road Choker
  3. Repowering Station
  4. Convoy
  5. Authority Sentry

Activities To Farm Search & Recover Project Points: Projects by Projects by Dr. Kvasir

  1. ARK
  2. Ranger Echo
  3. Fletrite Meteroite

Every activity is color code, Kill & Destroy is marked as Purple on the map, Capture & Control is marked in Orange and Search & Recover in Blue. Pick the activities complete them and unlock all the projects in Rage 2.