Destiny 2 Conflux Invitation Quest Guide – How To Get 1000 Imperials

Earn an thousand imperials and other rewards

In Conflux Location of Destiny 2, The Invitation is one of the quests that will reward you around 1000 imperials. In this Destiny 2 Conflux guide, I will show you how to get a thousand imperials by playing the quest. There are chances after defeating all the enemies you might not get anything in the end, because there is a cache. And to unlock it you will need a key. So keep reading to complete Destiny 2 Conflux: The Invitation Quest guide to farm imperials.

How To Get 1000 Imperials In Conflux Lost Sector

Conflux is a lost sector in Destiny 2 located on Nessus, you will find this during Season of Opulence. The objective of this quest is to recover imperials. Go to the pursuit tab of the game menu and you will see The Invitation Quest.

Destiny 2 Conflux Invitation Quest Guide

Follow the map screenshot to drop at Conflux and enter the Combat Mission Bathtime. Go to a large area called Cistern, it is on the north of Well of Flame. Look for a sign on a stone under a big tree and jump off the cliff on left to find an entrance. The tree is massive and hard to ignore, a small entrance on its bottom right will take you to the combat arena.

To get 1000 Imperials for Invitation Quest to kill all the enemies in the combat arena. There will be some cabal and other aliens, just clear them all and you will spot a cache on the right corner of the boss fight region. It is guarded by a few enemies. You cannot open the cache unless you had killed the boss, Shayotet Partisan. He is in the center end of the region, and easy to spot. Kill the boss, collect the key and walk to the cache to get your 1000 Imperials.

Chest Rewards:

  • The Invitation Quest Step
  • 1000 Imperials
  • War Mantis Gauntlets