Diablo 4 Forgotten Souls: How To Farm & Get Easily

Forgotten Souls has always been a part of the Diablo series. In D4, these rare crafting materials upgrade Sacred and Ancestral Items. This can make your class’ build even more overpowered. However, you probably won’t find Forgotten Souls until later in the game. So, if you want to farm this crafting item, let us show you how it is done. Here’s how to get Forgotten Souls in Diablo 4.

How to Get & Farm Forgotten Souls in Diablo 4

how to farm forgotten souls in diablo 4
How to Farm Forgotten Souls

You can get Forgotten Souls by completing Helltide Events in Diablo 4. Helltide Events will be unlocked for you as soon as you finish the campaign and gain access to World Tier 3: Nightmare. After completing the Cathedral Of Light Capstone Dungeon in Kyovashad, you can unlock this difficulty level. If you have already done this, let’s show you how to farm Forgotten Souls.

One of the ways to farm Forgotten Souls is by collecting Aberrant Cinders to buy the Tortured Gifts of Helms chest in Diablo 4. As you kill mobs during the Helltide Event, collect Aberrant Cinders from them. Once you have around 75 of them, exchange them for receiving a Tortured Gifts of Helms chest. Among Gold and other items, you will also get 1 Forgotten Soul. However, to get more Forgotten Souls, you can open the Tortured Gift of Mysteries Chest for 175 Aberrant Cinders. These crates offer the highest number of Forgotten Souls. Since these chests are challenging to find, Reddit user cloudeightk has put together a map of all Mystery Chest Locations in the Helltide Event. Go ahead and farm Forgotten Souls by referring to the map in the link above.

Several Helltide Events spawn on the map after unlocking World Tier 3. These events last only for one hour. So clear the event before the timer ends to get Forgotten Souls.

That’s all you need to know about how to get Forgotten Souls in Diablo 4. If our guide helped you, then visit our Diablo 4 section for end-game tips like this.

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