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Warframe Charc Electroplax Farming Guide

In Warframe, you'll need Charc Electroplax for five recipes. Here's how to get it.

In Warframe, players can get numerous crafting materials like the Charc Electroplax. This particular material is required in certain Zaw and Component Blueprints like the Vargeet Ruhang link and Voidrig Weapon Pod. Players must learn certain skills to get the crafting materials in this game. In the case of the Char Electroplax, fishing can come in handy. This guide will tell you all you need to know about this crafting material and how to get it.

Where to Farm & Get Charc Electroplax in Warframe

Charc Electroplax fishing in Warframe for Electroplax
Image Source: Llama Prime on YouTube

Players can get Charc Electroplax material by going to Fisher Hai-Luk merchant in Cetus and cutting the Charc Eels. Charc Eels in Warframe usually reside in the Gara Toht Lake. To farm Charc Electroplax in Warframe:

  1. Open the Navigation Menu of your ship and select Earth.
  2. Then, select Cetus and open your Fast Travel menu.
  3. Go to Fisher Hai-Luk and get a fishing spear and a few Luminous Dye. It doesn’t matter which spear you get.
  4. Then, head out to the Gara Toht Lake. You can use the ArchwingLauncher to get there faster.
  5. Once you reach the lake, drop a Luminous Dye in the water and wait for the fish.
  6. Aim at the fish to know if it’s a Charc Eel. If it is the fish you want, use the spear to catch it.

You can farm as many Charc Eels as you want by throwing multiple Luminous Dyes. Once you have enough, fast travel to Fisher Hai-Luk and cut them. Apart from Charc Electroplax, you will also get meat, scales, and oil in Warframe.

How to Use Charc Electroplax

As we mentioned, players can use Charc Electroplax in various recipes. Also, you’ll need 75 Charc Electroplax units to complete the crafting requirements for all recipes. At the moment, there are five recipes, and here’s the amount of electroplax you’ll need for them:

  • Ekwana Ruhang Link (Zaw): 5 Charc Electroplax units
  • Vargeet Ruhang Link (Zaw): 5 Charc Electroplax units
  • Fosfor Rahd x20 (Gear): 5 Charc Electroplax units
  • Gara Systems (Component): 35 Charc Electroplax units
  • Voidrig Weapon Pod (Component): 25 Charc Electroplax units

That’s all from us on how to get Charc Electroplax in Warframe. While here, visit our Warframe guides section, like the melee weapons tier list, for more content.