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Disney Mirrorverse: How To Farm Arctic Fragments

Here is how you can quickly farm Arctic Fragments in Disney Mirrorverse.

If you are playing Disney Mirrorverse you should quickly farm some Arctic Fragments. That is because it is a currency that you can spend on Anna’s Treasure a special store that won’t stay forever. I guess after some time the game will let it go. Sorry for the bad pun but what isn’t bad is the goods you get from here. So without further ado let us check how to get Arctic Fragments in Disney Mirrorverse.

How to Farm Arctic Fragments in Disney Mirrorverse

disney mirrorverse how to farm arctic fragments

There are two main ways to get Arctic Fragments in this game.

  • Completing “A Frosty Unraveling” levels: You get Arctic fragments from the levels in “A Frosty Unraveling” Event. Each level has 3 objectives for you to complete. The more objectives you complete the more rewards you get. So aim to complete all 3 objectives in order to get 3 stars.
    • It is important because you cannot do these levels repeatedly, you will have to wait for the cooldown before trying again. So try to get as many stars as possible on your first try.
    • Playing levels on higher difficulties: Once you complete a level you can also play it at higher difficulties. You have two such options Hard mode and Expert mode. So even if you did beat a level, completing them on these difficulties gives you a chance to get more Arctic Fragments.
  • Complete Special Objectives: As you progress through the Dawn of Hope event you will complete several objectives unknowingly. So you should check for them in the Special Objectives tab. Claim the rewards for the objectives you completed to get Arctic Fragments.
  • Daily login: This is something you must do even if you can’t play the levels or events daily. Simply logging in to the game will give you some rewards and these rewards get better each day. The only problem is, you won’t be getting Arctic Fragments daily but also other rewards here. Thus this isn’t exactly a farming method but definitely a way to collect these fragments.

That covers everything you need to know about how to get Arctic Fragments in Disney Mirrorverse. Since you like playing this game check out our guides on Disney Mirrorverse Codes and how to unlock hard mode in this game.