Where to find aluminum farming spot in Fallout 76

Just like in the real world, farming aluminum is one of the most important items that you will need for crafting in Fallout 76. It becomes more important as you progress into the final stages of the game. This guide will show you where to find the best locations to farm aluminum in Fallout 76.

Where to Farm Aluminum in Fallout 76

Aluminum becomes more and more important as you will constantly need it to upgrade your armor and other items that you have in the game. Finding aluminum like other materials can be an issue if you do not know where to look.

Another use of aluminum is the fact that it is really useful for repairs too. You can find aluminum in places like metallic junk items, you will have to dismantle a bunch of these.

The more mountains or high raise areas you go, the more chances you have of finding aluminum, you can also go to the Flatwoods where you can farm aluminum from the farm soil.

farm aluminum in fallout 76

One key element is finding the Appalachia, you can harvest aluminum straight from it.

Here’s a list of all the items which contains aluminum when scrapped:4

  • Aluminum Can 1 Aluminum
  • Aluminum Canister 1 1 Aluminum
  • Aluminum Scrap 1 1 Aluminum
  • Blasting Caps Box 2 1 Aluminum
  • Cake Pan 3 1 Aluminum
  • Carlisle Type Writer 2 Aluminum
  • Chez Vivi Typewriter 2 Aluminum
  • Clean Cake Pan 2 Aluminum
  • Clean Coffee Tin 2 Aluminum
  • Coffee Tin 2 Aluminum
  • Coolant Cap 2 Aluminum
  • Eyebot Model 2 Aluminum
  • HH-3A Capacitor 1 Aluminum
  • Hubcap 2 Aluminum
  • Industrial Oil Canister 2 Aluminum
  • Large Glass Jar Lid 1 Aluminum
  • Large Glass Jar Ring 1 Aluminum
  • Large Glass Jar Top 1 Aluminum
  • Mr. Gutsy Model 2 Aluminum
  • Mr. Handy Model 2 Aluminum
  • Oil Can 1 Aluminum
  • Protectron Model 2 Aluminum
  • Ring Stand 1 Aluminum
  • Robot Parts Model 2 Aluminum
  • Robot Parts Model 2 Aluminum
  • Robot Parts Model 2 Aluminum
  • Sentry Bot Model 2 Aluminum
  • Ski Pole 3 Aluminum
  • Small Glass Jar Lid 1 Aluminum
  • Small Glass Jar Ring 1 Aluminum
  • Small Glass Jar Top 1 Aluminum
  • Steel Guitar 1 Aluminum
  • Surgical Tray 2 Aluminum
  • Tin Pitcher 2 Aluminum
  • Toy Rocketship 1 Aluminum
  • TV Dinner Tray 3 Aluminum
  • Unrusted Rtin Can 1 Aluminum
  • Vault-Tec Alarm Clock 1 Aluminum
  • Wakemaster Alarm Clock 1 Aluminum

This is all there is to know about where to farm aluminum and the junk items that carry aluminum in Fallout 76. Make sure that you check out other Fallout 76 guides, cheats, and tricks on GamerTweak.

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