Far Cry: New Dawn creative director explains wildlife, weapons and more

End of the world event brings new life forms to Hope County

Far Cry: New Dawn starts off almost two decades after the cataclysmic events after Far Cry 5 in which almost the entire world was wiped out and whatever is left of humanity is in a terrible state, fighting each other over resources and other things essential for human survival.

What sets this game apart from others in the same genre is that Far Cry: New Dawn seems to be very vibrant in its colour palette, a stark contrast to what we’ve been seeing in other unanimously. This game carries the story from the prequel and delves deeper into the post-apocalyptic world.

The game’s Creative Director, Jean-Sebastien Decant recently had this to say in an interview with Xbox Wire, “The map has been transformed by the events, for sure, and some elements that were very recognizable are gone. But some things remain…the remnants of the statue of the Father are still there, and John Seed’s ranch has become the home-base “Prosperity” for the good guys.”

The game will bring back Joseph Seed, who was the main antagonist in the prequel and the player will have to team up with him to go against the twin sisters Mickey and Lou, who have carved a piece for themselves in this world and will go to absolutely any limit to possess the resources required to sustain life in Hope County.

As the resource will be hard to find, it will be essential in the game to learn about weapon crafting and how it will help players design weapons which fit perfectly as per their needs and also a separated tier system where weapons can be upgraded to improve their stats.

The wildlife too was hit hard after the nuclear explosions and the ration exposure will give a new narrative to the term hostile creatures with bulkier and aggressive animals which can be compared to animals of the early days.

Far Cry: New Dawn releases on February 15th for PC, PlayStation4 and Xbox One.

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