Fantasy Life Online Tier List & Reroll Guide (2024)

Here are the best characters to pick in our Fantasy Life Online Tier List

Fantasy Life Online was released on July 23, 2018, for mobile devices in Japan. But finally, after all the wait, developer Level-5 has given us the global release on December 7, 2021. Fantasy Life Online is similar to its predecessor Fantasy Life with a 12 Lives feature. But this time we get a new “Village” feature, where you build and upgrade your town from the ground up. You can also add returning characters from the previous game to your party and take on monsters & other wild creatures. So if you are confused about whom to add to your party then here are the best summon characters in our Fantasy Life Online Tier List & Reroll guide.

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Fantasy Life Online Tier List – Best Summon Characters

Fantasy Life Online Tier List Best Characters

Here are the best summon characters in our Fantasy Life Online Tier List:

Tiers Character Type
S+ Tier Haku Magician
S+ Tier Lucio Mercenary
S+ Tier Hawke Hunter
S Tier Chacarbo Cook
S Tier Laura Paladin
S Tier Leon Magician
S Tier Lerna Hunter
S Tier Luza Magician
S Tier Nek Magician
S Tier Olivia Paladin
S Tier Ruby Hunter
A+ Tier Sloane Magician
A+ Tier Teruha Angler
A+ Tier Jake Paladin
A Tier Crow Hunter
A Tier Glen Mercenary
A Tier Oriana Tailor
A Tier Pomelo Great Paladin
A Tier Snow Mercenary
A Tier Tsukiha Woodcutter
B Tier Grantz Miner
B Tier Belhart Woodcutter
B Tier Bray Blacksmith
B Tier Kennedy Carpenter
B Tier Klaus Tailor
C Tier Amane Angler
C Tier Aqua Hunter
C Tier Cliff Magician
C Tier Cocona Carpenter
C Tier Josette Cook
C Tier Sophie Alchemist
C Tier Dimiel Alchemist
C Tier Fang Mercenary

As we are still playing the game, we have kept the original Japanese names of characters as we have to unlock them in the global version yet. But as both Japanese and Global are the same game with just different localization, this Tier List will work for you to get the best characters in your party.

Fantasy Life Online Reroll Guide

Currently, there is no official way to reroll in the game. Even though you delete “Cache” & “Game Data”, your saved data will be the same. Even though you delete the game it will be the same for you. You can theoretically reroll by using a virtual machine, different accounts, and removing the account if you are not happy with the characters. But we didn’t test this method.

The only way we got to reroll in Fantasy Life Online now is by using a different Google account to log in each time for new characters. But this is not practical. Even this is a painstaking process for a mobile user. We hope a better way rises in the near future, and as soon we find out about it, we will update it here. So kindly bookmark this page and check back later.

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