Where To Find Wastelanders Map Fragment In Fallout 76

Prasad More
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Fallout 76’s Wastelander DLC brought tons of new activities to the game, we not only have new NPCs but there is also a treasure hunt that will have you travel a bunch of different locations which ultimately give the location of Vault 79. If you want to get all the map fragments in Fallout 76 you will need to read till the end of this guide.

Where To Find Wastelanders Map Fragment In Fallout 76

All you have to do is collected the map fragments and then place them together on the blank board in Grafton Pawn Shop.

To do all of this you will need to get all the pieces of this map fragments and you can find them at these specific locations in Fallout 76 Wastelander DLC.

Morgantown High School

First, you will need to locate the Morgantown High School, make sure that you go inside the school, and once there head over to the second floor and look for the broken terminal. You will find this in a classroom, here you will get your hands-on Wren’s map fragment.

Red Rocket Mega Stop

Go to the Red Rocket Mega Shop and look for a counter at the Southeast part of the shop, the counter is in a station and won’t be too hard to spot. Here you will find Barry’s map fragment.

Haven Church

For Jessica’s map fragment you will need to visit the Haven Church, enter the Church, and get to the hallway. You will need to find a counter here, on it you will find the map fragment.

The General’s Steakhouse

The General’s Steakhouse is your next location and this will be easy to find, all you have to do is enter the bar and look to the southern side to find Finn’s map fragment.

Uncanny Caverns

Once you reach here, go to the counter in the welcome building, and inside you will find Constance’s map fragment.

Mothman Museum

For the final map fragment, all you have to do is go to the Mothman Museum, and right on the front desk you will see a cash register. Beside it, you will find Fernando’s map fragment.

These are all the locations that you will need to visit to find all of the map fragments, once you do get your hands on them bring them all to Grafton Pawn Shop.

Combining them will give you the location of Vault 79, but there is a catch as you won’t have the code to enter the vault.

How To Get Access Code To Vault 79.

To find the code, simply turn on the blacklight nearby and this will illuminate the code on the map. This should get you access to vault 79.

This is all there is to know about where to find the map fragments and how to get the code to vault 79 and how to get the c