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Fallout 76 Update 22 Update Available Now, Patch Brings New Season & More

The most extensive patch to date for Fallout 76 was released today. This is available for free and contains major changes. Among other things, the strength of your enemies has been individually adapted to your group, the season’s system has been revised and a new challenge system has been added.


With patch 22, the developers of Fallout 76 have released one of the biggest updates to date. Starting today, it’s available for free on the PS4.

The patch is called One Wasteland and lets you explore the game world with your friends like never before. The levels of your opponents are scaled in a dynamic way, whereby they adapt to your group and ensure a balanced challenge.

Regardless of your own level, you can enjoy all kinds of activities in the game world. The update made the game’s events more accessible.

In addition, the new patch starts with Season 2, which contains countless new content. Here you join the Armor Ace and Power Patrol to face the opposing army. Among other things, the Seasons system has been revised and new rewards have been added.

Also in the new season, there are 100 ranks, each of which brings individual cosmetic items and in-game currencies as rewards. The developers have also added several events that will bring you twice the number of Score.

Additional challenges are also included. For this purpose, a new system was introduced with Daily Ops, thanks to which you can replay completed dungeons.


In the future, the developers want to continue to listen to player feedback to help guide the game in the right direction. Among other things, there is talk of another game mode, additional locations, and enemy mutations.

You can read detailed information about the new patch in the developer post on the PlayStation blog.