Fallout 76 Map Best Places – Safe, Resource and Monsters Location

You can't ignore this regions

Fallout 76 is approx 16 square miles, a massive region to explore. There are no major changes in Fallout 76 map after the arrival of Wastelanders DLC, so here is a Fallout 76 map walkthrough that can help you in exploration, avoid monsters, and plan a safe passage. In the wide-open wasteland, you might fell into the trap by unwillingly entering into a danger zone.

Some regions in Fallout 76 map are more dangerous to enter and this guide will help you to identify them. You can increase your chances of survival by knowing that there are some places ruled by higher-level enemies you must not disturb.

Fallout 76 Map is divided into 6 different regions, The Forest, Toxic Valley, The Ash Heap, Savage Divide, The More, and Cranberry Bog. Now how will you find which area is safe to explore and which are the dangerous ones? Depending on this data you can simply explore the safest regions around the map, gather resources, and avoid the monsters.

Fallout 76 Enemies Levels by Zone

Below is the list of the different zones based on enemy level, the Forest has the lowest level enemies with the minimum threat you can explore this region for resources, safe, etc. As you progress to another region like Toxic valley the enemy level rises to 10 to 25. And the most dangerous regions in Fallout 76 are The Mire and Cranberry Bog.

  1. The Forest – Levels 1 to 10
  2. Toxic Valley – Levels 10 to 25
  3. Savage Divide – Levels 15 to 99
  4. Ash Heap – Levels 25 to 35
  5. The Mire – Levels 30 to 99
  6. Cranberry Bog – Levels 35 to 99

Among the six regions based on the above data, you can pick the one which has the lowest level enemy to explore. This will save your life and increase your survival chances. However, regions like The Forest, Toxic Valley and some parts of Ash Heap are good enough to level up. Otherwise if by mistake you landed in front of Level 99 enemy, you will die. The strategy here is to explore the safest regions in Fallout 76 to level up slowly. As you are on a certain level that you can beat an enemy you can enter another region.

Fallout 76 Complete Map

Fallout 76 Full Map

Click the above image to view the full Map of Fallout 76. There is a high-resolution map attached, thanks to Reddit User – Zapwizard. This detailed map is extremely easy to use, it will allow you to find out what is nearby. So do refer this and keep the map bookmarked for reference

The map will also help you to find out the best spot to set up your camp. Places near Rivers, Lakes, in the hills or near your friends are the best place to camp. Also, you can set up your camp near small towns, close to a crafting station or a weapon station. Setting up camp near the vendor will also help you to trade items when in need, also you can plan to settle down near region with resources. There are fast travel points in Fallout 76, allowing you to quickly change your location.