Fall Guys Sneaky Update Removes Back to Back Team Games & More

The responsible developers at Mediatonic have released a new server-side patch for Fall Guys. A few more changes have been made with the latest update.

The multiplayer title Fall Guys was able to conquer the consoles and the PC in the last few weeks. However, the responsible developers at Mediatonic had been working on further improvements in the background, as Fall Guys had to contend with some technical problems so far. In addition, the feedback from the players is incorporated into further development.

Now the developers have released a new server-side update for Fall Guys, which brings some improvements and changes. Mediatonic announced the following details:

  1. The Valve costumes will now be available in the store on PS4
  2. Max player count for Fall Mountain is now 15
  3. Team Tail Tag and Royal Fumble timer is now 1:30
  4. No more back to back team games

The last point in particular should reassure players a little. After all, it’s the team games in particular that can ruin your way to the final. Who does not know that you end up in the front seats in the first two games and suddenly a team game comes along? Then you depend on your comrades to perform well.

Now the players continue to hope that one day a full playlist will also be brought into play, which consists exclusively of solo games. The developers have not commented on this.