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Fall Guys Season 4: How To Win Skyline Stumble

Learn how to win the Skyline Stumble in Fall Guys Season 4

Fall Guys Season 4 has arrived and it is filled with colors and vibrance. The game has colorful characters and some bright stages in the game. One such stage in Fall Guys is Skyline Stumble. Skyline Stumble is filled with futuristic platforms with some bright neon colors. This is one of the most attractive stages in the game and is also one that will frequently be selected. However, for you to not get eliminated in this stage you have to learn some tips and tricks in order to complete this stage. This guide will show you how to win in Skyline Stumble.


How to win Skyline Stumble in Fall Guys Season 4

Skyline stumble Fall Guys
Complete and win this stage with ease.

To win Skyline Stumble you have to keep in mind these simple tips.

  • Anticipate what obstacle is coming next in your way.
  • Map out your route beforehand in such a way that you are out of the way of other competitors.
  • Plan your dives appropriately in the game.

At the start of this stage dive in the middle of your first jump. This will be in the anti-gravity zone.  Diving in such a way will ensure you reach the next checkpoint in just one jump. After the checkpoint, you will have to go through another anti-gravity zone. You will have to ascend by jumping. Make sure to avoid other players in this region. Once on top, you will come across 2 paths. Both paths take the same amount of time to clear. Try avoiding jumping on the buttons on either of these paths as they will slow you down.

Now you will come across the disappearing bridges. Time your run accordingly so that you don’t fail in this part. Try jumping between bridges when the one next to you lights up. After this, you will come across a button maze. The buttons act as triggers which open certain pathways. So try to work your way around this by dashing through the doorways that are already open. Keep moving and don’t hold up your run when your route is blocked.


After this, there are some swinging lasers that you will have to jump over in the game. After this, you will come across the final section of the game. In this section, you will have to go up with the help of some pinball flippers. However, this is a bit of a risky option and it is better to utilize the air platforms beside them. Also, don’t jump but rather run through these areas.

This is the complete guide about how to win Skyline Stumble in Fall Guys. While you are here do not miss out on the special Among Us skins or the three Doom Eternal skins.