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Fall Guys Season 3 Will Be Bigger & Better, Community Managers Say

The community managers Oliver Hindle and Bianca reached out to fans personally on Reddit and shared what the future of the game looks like. In addition, the contents of the soon-to-be-released mid-season update related to Fall Guys Season 3 was revealed.

According to the development studio Mediatonic, the Fall Guys Season 3 will bring significantly more content with it than is the case with the current season. Community Manager Oliver Hindle revealed this on the Reddit discussion platform. He also commented on the mid-season update of the current season.


In the exact wording, he said the following: “The team is confident that Season 3 will have more levels than Season 2. We’ve grown a LOT since launch with people joining the studio every week now. We’re investing a lot in growing the team and have huge plans for the game moving forward. We’re really committed to improving it over time and filling it with new content.”

Exact details and the start date for the new season have not yet been revealed. Because each season runs for a period of around two months, we can assume that it will start in early December. Season 2 was introduced on October 8th.

The big mid-season update will be released later this week. Here you can prepare for various new content, such as a new level called Big Fans. The developer noted that two new rounds were originally planned.


First, there was a new end level. However, the team decided not to introduce the new finals until the new season. Unfortunately, the developers didn’t manage to finish the level on time.

There are also new level variations to increase the replay value. Feedback from the players was also addressed: the old naming system is being replaced by a new one. In addition, a new obstacle called “Lil Yeety” will be implemented. Finally, numerous bug fixes are made.