Can You Play Fall Guys On Mobile

Learn whether you can play Fall Guys on mobile.

Fall Guys has been popular for a while and many players are wondering whether they can play it on mobile. This massively multiplayer game boomed during the lockdown period. Streamers around the world played this battle-royale-style game with their friends, increasing its popularity further. Owing to the demand for this game, it was made free to play on June 21, 2020. Moreover, it was released on additional platforms like the Switch and new versions of Playstation and Xbox. So will it be available on Mobile? Let’s find out.

Can You Play Fall Guys on Mobile

Fall Guys gameplay

Unfortunately, Fall Guys mobile version is not released yet. So you cannot find it on Google Play Store or Apple’s App Store. However, the game is coming to mobile in China as confirmed by Daniel Ahmad, a Senior Analyst at Niko Partners. So eventually it will come out for the rest of the world.

However, if you want to play it on your phone right away, there are a few workarounds. You can play Fall Guys on your phone by streaming it from your PC or Console. Here’s a list of streaming services you can use based on your platform:

Fall Guys Copy on Mobile

Since the official Fall Guys is not on mobile devices, a developer group called Kitka Games released a knockoff called Stumble Guys. It shares many similarities with the original and you can play it on your PC browser as well. The game gathered 100M+ downloads on Play Store alone. So it’s evident that players around the world want the game on their mobile devices.

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