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How To Easily Get G R I S Costume In Fall Guys

G R I S in Fall Guys Ultimate Knockout is one of the best. There are multiple ways to unlock the G R I S costume in Fall Guys. Check here.

G R I S costume in Fall Guys is the latest of the amazing collaborative effort that Mediatonic has been pulling off with other gaming studios. You can use play Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout with the G R I S costume and it looks absolutely fantastic. If you want to know how to get the G R I S Costume In Fall Guys we’ve got you covered.


How To Get G R I S costume in Fall Guys

G R I S is one of the most popular indie games of recent years that gained recognition for some of the best breakthroughs in storytelling and narration of the game. It won several awards and has since gone on to become a monument in indie game development benchmarks.

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout, on the other hand, changed the landscape of the Battle Royale genre and no longer did you have to pick up guns and rush into the battlefield but you have to rush through a course and win games both as a team and individually before claiming a crown to become victorious.

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Both G R I S and Fall Guys have impacted the video game industry in different ways and with their collaborative effort, we now have the G R I S costume available for players in Fall Guys.

The costume is a simple wrap with two pieces with the popular colors of G R I S. Each piece of the costume will require 5 crowns that you can earn by winning matches in Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout.


The magenta themed costume along with the blue hair makes our friendly little jelly character look even better than before and is something that every serious gamer should get their hands on.

The more competitive challenges you complete you stand to earn more crowns, you can also earn more of them through season rewards and this might take some time but is worth it.

This is all there is to know about how to get the G R I S costume in Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout, while you’re here make sure that you do not miss out on How To Play Fall Guys on a Mac.