Does Fall Guys Have Crossplay? (Answered)

Want to know if Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout supports cross-play? Then get your answer in this quick Crossplay guide.

Ever since its announcement, Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout has captured the attention of players worldwide. Its colorful graphics, wacky gameplay and overall concept is surely eye catching. For the uninitiated, Fall Guys is a massively multiplayer game by Mediatonic and Devolver Digital, featuring up to 60 players. Like a breath of fresh air, it has is a bizarre (but fun) approach to the otherwise serious battle royale genre. Based on the reactions, gamers seem to be excited to play but they are also wondering – does Fall Guys have crossplay? Find out here.

Does Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout Support Crossplay?

Well, yes and no. As of launch day (August 4, 2020), Fall Guys will not have cross-play. But fortunately, the developers are aware of its importance. They have revealed that Fall Guys will support cross play across different platforms after launch. When? That is unclear at this point. For now, it is releasing without it on Playstation 4 and PC. Since crossplay is in the pipeline, players can rest assured. It will be great fun to play the mini-games with friends across platforms so we definitely can’t wait for that.

In case you are wondering what exactly is Fall Guys, here’s the gist of it. Basically, players will have to compete with other players in obstacle courses and other comedic challenges. There will be competitive as well as co-op tasks that you have to complete and it is bound to be a hilarious affair. This uniqueness sets it apart from other battle royale games giving it a high dose of comedy. You can customize the look of your character too so make him as wacky as you want. Things will get chaotic in this party and we’re not complaining!

That’s everything about the Fall Guys Crossplay feature. Go ahead and give this game a shot and become the last victor standing. While you are here, be sure to read our latest video game guides on GamerTweak.