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Fall Guys Cheaters And Hackers: How To Report Them

If you are frustrated with some Fall Guys cheaters and hackers who are ruining the experience for everyone, check this guide to know how to report them.

Fall Guys is an adorable game where you can be a mean jelly bean if you want to be. You can push others off platforms, ledges and lower your competition. But there are some Fall Guys cheaters and hackers who are using some tricks to get high speed and other benefits in the game. If you want to know how to report these Fall Guys cheaters, this guide will show you.

Fall Guys Cheats Being Used By Hackers?

PC players have the most Fall Guys cheaters who end up getting an unfair advantage. Many videos online show how these hackers zoom past the other poor Fall Guys and end up winning. As the game became more and more popular, more Fall Guys cheaters appeared. Surprisingly, they even made an appearance on some famous streams.

Rest assured that the developers of the game, Mediatonic, are aware of this issue. To address this, the twitter account of Fall Guys mentioned that they are improving their system of detecting cheaters and banning them. This has led to a good drop in their numbers but we currently don’t know by how much. See their tweet here:

This is good news for those who had their experience spoiled by Fall Guys hackers and we hope their system improves further as more players will join in. Banning those who break the rules is absolutely essential to retain the genuine players.

How to report them?

If you wish to report hackers in Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout, you can submit a request for the same via this link. Choose the Type of Issue as Cheater Report, fill up the other details and submit. As mentioned by their twitter account, it is not needed as of now but you can do it if you wish.

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