Fade To Silence Release Date – Coming On April 30 On PC, PS4 & Xbox One

Fight The Monsters In Post-apocalyptic Winter

Fade To Silence, a survival RPG game release date is announced, the game is launching at the end of April on different platforms. Set in post-apocalyptic winter, players will control Ash the main character. He is a tormented leader who is exploring the frozen world for survival. The game involves a common task like collecting resources, upgrading equipment, exploration, scavenging necessary items, etc.

To add more intensity to the game plot there are monsters waiting for Ash. Eldritch Monsters are the biggest threat in Fade To Silence players will encounter while exploring the vast region.

Guided by an inner voice Ash will be traveling to find survivors and fighting demons, the official site provides a list of some 8 monsters. The list with their attack styles and screenshots is below.

Fade To Silence Ripper Monster

Ripper: Being equipped with giant claws, Rippers rush straight into melee combat when they attack their opponents. While their slow, clumsy attacks make them easy to dodge or block, they are powerful enough that a few hits with their claws will kill you.

Fade To Silence Hellvine Monster

Hellvine: Hellvines live in corrupted grounds. As a physical manifestation of corruption, they attack whoever enters their domain.

Fade To Silence Crusher

Crusher: Crushers are towering, living boulders that crush their victims with hammerlike extremities. Attacking this creature without wearing top tier protection and weapons amounts to suicide.

Fade To Silence Feeder

Feeder: This very dangerous enemy is slow, resilient and powerful. It walks using his two “arms” made of stone and dragging some kind of monstrosity as a lower body. This bag can extend its tongue to a great distance to snag its prey, dragging them right in front of the mouth where the victim is in a perfect position for a devastating attack.

Fade To Silence Nest

Nest: Nests are not attacking by themselves and need to be cleaned, a process that roots Ash in place and puts his life at risk. Nests are intermediary objects. Cleansing them removes corrupted grounds, opens potential paths, and is part of the process for cleansing an outpost.

Fade To Silence Inner Voice

Inner Voice: The Inner Voice is an unpleasant master. It excels at quietly discouraging and distracting Ash. At least at first, it’s relatively convincing. It encourages conflict, and is, at times, too eager to destroy. It loves nothing more than taking over living beings with corruption, and it can reveal too much of its plans when over-excited by this prospect.

Fade To Silence Stalker

Stalker: Stalkers are patient predators. They follow until they are ready to strike with a lightning-fast charge, seriously injuring their victims. The only hope is to be able to evade this beast long enough to get into close combat.

Fade To Silence Spitter

Spitter: Spitters prefer to attack unsuspecting survivors by spewing explosive corruption bulbs at them. They are easy to defeat in close combat, as long as they are alone. However, a herd of Spitters has proven to be a deadly foe.

For more info, you can visit fadetosilence.com.

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