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Facebook Gaming Won’t be Integrated Into Xbox User Interface, Microsoft Confirms

After Microsoft announced that Mixer is shutting down and it will make a deal with Facebook, many were wondering what the access to the live streaming platform on Xbox One would be. Clarifying this issue on Reddit, the Xbox boss Phil Spencer said Facebook Gaming won’t be integrated into the Xbox One user interface in a similar way.

Microsoft has decided to close the live streaming platform of Mixer, which it aims to popularize by making great deals with broadcasters worldwide. The software giant will carry the platform that it has opened as a rival to Twitch to Facebook Gaming within the scope of its cooperation with Facebook.


It was a matter of curiosity about what will happen to Mixer services offered on the console for Xbox players after Microsoft’s decision. Some players thought that Mixer would be replaced directly on the platform with the Facebook Gaming app. However, according to the statement made by Xbox Live’s Programming Director Larry Hryb, Facebook Gaming will not be integrated into the Xbox dashboard like Mixer.

An explanation came from Larry Hryb on Reddit after Xbox boss Phil Spencer stated in a statement that he wanted to give players options on which platform to stream on Xbox. “If you are asking if the current Mixer integration in the [Xbox] dashboard is just going to become Facebook Gaming. The answer is no,” said Hyrb on Reddit.


Microsoft will shut down Mixer on July 22 and redirect Mixer.com to Facebook Gaming. Mixer broadcasts will be temporarily disabled on Xbox One, and Mixer apps will direct players to watch their favorite broadcasters on Facebook Gaming. Microsoft continues its search for a new option for players who want to broadcast over the console.