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Facebook Gaming App Launched, Will Compete with Twitch & YouTube

It is now Facebook’s turn to launch its application dedicated to video game streams, after Twitch, Mixer and Youtube Gaming. Today, Facebook Gaming App was launched worldwide and it is now currently available on Google Play for Android devices.

After launching its tab dedicated to video games in 2018, Facebook Gaming allowed to stream games from your PC and broadcast them live on the social network. Facebook being one of the social networks with the most active members, so this could really boost the economical model for streamers.

Facebook Gaming is passing a milestone today because its application has just been launched. You can already download it on Android stores and it allows you to associate your Facebook account with the application. The iOS version of the application is currently in development and should release later this year. The advantage behind this association is that Facebook already centralizes information about you (provided that you use a minimum of the social network).

From this information, the Facebook Gaming application will offer you, as soon as it is launched, a minimum of content that seems to correspond to your tastes and your uses of the social network. The application will also ask you which games you want to watch as a priority in order to ensure a minimum of quality content.

But that’s not all, because the main advantage of the Facebook Gaming application is that it allows you to stream and distribute your games on the application and the Facebook Gaming tab of the social network. You can, therefore, stream with the only tool, your smartphone.

Be careful, however, via the app, you can only stream your mobile games. You can, however, watch the games of other players broadcasting PC or mobile games. A very interesting dual-use. As the Facebook news wall, the application will also offer to replay games or content that may be of interest to you, all from gaming pages. So, even if few streamers were to broadcast at the same time, there will always be a minimum of online content to keep you occupied.