Face Model Of Spider-Man’s MJ Calls Out Fans For Crossing Boundaries

Spider-Man’s Mary Jane face model harassed in real life, pens a letter to fans of the games.

Stephanie Tyler Jones, the face model of Mary Jane in Spider-Man games has called out creepy fans who have crossed boundaries invading her privacy. She shared a note on her official Instagram stories (@stephtyler_) where she mentioned that some fans stalked and harassed her by calling her workplace and leaving multiple voicemails wanting to speak with her and requesting she call back.

mj face model spiderman games calls out creepy fans insta story
Credits: @stephtyler_

Here’s the full message where she addresses Spider-Man fans. She writes, “I appreciate the love for my role in the Spider-Man games and the positive response to my version of MJ has gotten over the years. However, I am no longer an actively auditioning actor or model. The shoots I do now are purely a creative outlet for myself and a way to collaborate with friends I love.”

“Over the weekend, some followers crossed boundaries. One even went to the extent of calling my workplace and leaving multiple voicemails wanting to speak with me and requesting I call back, which is unacceptable and considered stalking. My skincare page is not for Spider-Man or MJ fans.”

“The bottom line is that I came into work this morning and immediately felt unsafe and uncomfortable hearing those voicemails. Please respect that I am a human being trying ot make a living just like you and I kindly ask for boundaries to not be crossed.”

“Messages will not be answered, I will block you if you make me feel uncomfortable and you can unfollow me if this disappoints you. Thank you.”

This has led to an outpouring of support from genuine fans and the gaming industry as a whole. Calling the stalking “crazy”, “disgusting” and “garbage”, people have taken to comments condemning the actions of toxic fans.

Expressing an opinion about liking or disliking certain fictional characters is understandable, but when some go after the model/actress and try to connect with them in real life, it is simply terrible. You can read more comments from the Reddit community here and here.

Previous Instances of Video Game Fans Harassing Actors or Models

Unfortunately, there have been several instances of video game fans harassing actors or models involved in the industry. While passionate fan communities are a positive aspect of gaming, sometimes this passion can turn harmful.

The Witcher: Yennefer’s actress in the show, Anya Chalotra, was subjected to harsh messages on social media due to her casting and how some had “different expectations” because of the books or games.

Horizon Forbidden West: Aloy’s voice actress, Ashly Burch, received hateful comments online after some players expressed dislike for the character’s new design.

Cyberpunk 2077: The game’s developers faced harassment and threats after the game’s rocky launch, with some anger being misdirected towards voice actors and character models.

Hopefully, fans realize that going after real people is not acceptable. It’s important to remember that these actors and models are real people with feelings, and they don’t deserve to be harassed or abused simply for their involvement in a video game. It’s crucial to maintain a respectful environment within gaming communities and to call out any instances of harassment or bullying.