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Guide on How to get more Acclaim – Press Interviews & Rivalries Guide F1 2020

There are multiple ways to increase Acclaim in F1 2020 MyTeam and Driver Career modes. In this guide, we discuss all those tips and tricks.

Guide on how to boost Acclaim in F1 2020. There are multiple ways of doing this, which includes answering properly to Interviews and using the Rivalries. Acclaim is like fame in F1 2020 the more you have the better your rank will be. But it relies on a different aspect and thankfully there is more than one way of increasing. In this article, we will discuss how to max out Acclaim in F1 2020.

Tips to Increase Acclaim in F1 2020


The more Acclaim you have the higher will be benefited, there are two main parts of getting fame. First is Team Acclaim and the second is Driver Acclaim. Applicable MyTeam and Driver Career modes both work differently but can be earned through common methods. Here are eight ways to boost Acclaim in F1 2020.

  1. Answer to Press
  2. Rivalries
  3. Better Race Performance
  4. Practice during weekends
  5. Play Qualifying Laps
  6. Boost stats of Second Driver
  7. Effectively use and upgrade MyTeam Facility
  8. Earn driver perks

Now, these are the ways to get more Acclaim, but your poor performance will also impact the stats. So do focus on keeping a balance. If you perform badly at weekend races or avoid the qualifying laps you will lose Acclaim. When you complete these activities your Acclaim stats increases. It is highly important to boost this start as it unlocks Secondary Sponsors. It means more money to buy better upgrades.


Tips for Press Interviews answers to boost Acclaim?

Press Interviews starts at the start of the season, or after qualifiers. It also appears after races and after winning a championship. It is necessary to handle the questions properly. You will get a multiple-choice question from the press regarding your performance, rivalry, etc. If you poorly answer the Team Morale goes down.

There is a way to improve Press Interviews, upgrade Media Coaching. This one unlocks new answers, so you have more choices during the interviews. Media Coaching is located in Driver Perks sections. Under Corporate > Contracts > Drivers Perks or Contracts tab look for Driver perks or Driver Career. You will see Media Coaching stats, upgrade this to unlock more answers.


How to win Rivalries in F1 2020?

The next crucial step to boost Acclaim is handling the Rivalries. During press interviews, you might get a question on other drivers or your rival. You can start the rivalry here, and if they win they earn Acclaim, and you lose. The higher the rival players stats the more Acclaim he can unlock. So here you have to be smart and if you are starting a war better win it.

That’s it, this is how you can earn Acclaim in F1 2020. There will be possibly other ways also but Press Interviews and Rivalries are too which will have a positive and negative impact on your stats. Knowing about them will help you to crack out a way for boosting stats in F1 2020.