V Rising: How To Get & Use Exquisite Heart

Wondering which enemies you can slay in order to get Exquisite Heart in V Rising? Check out this guide to learn about it and the uses of Exquisite Heart.

One of the rarest reagents in V Rising to get your hands on is the Exquisite Heart. The reason for it being so uncommon is its uses. It is used to craft one of the most important reagents in the game that helps in the late game. But while these are rare they are not impossible to get, especially if you know where to look for them. So in this guide let us check how to get and use Exquisite Heart in V Rising.

How to Get Exquisite Heart in V Rising

v rising get and use exquisite hearts
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In this game, you can get Exquisite Heart by defeating higher-level enemies in Dunley Farmlands, Cursed Forest, and Silverlight Hills. Below are the areas where you can encounter high-level enemies:

  • Dunley Farmlands
    • Area: Gloomgrave Village
    • Enemy: Werewolf x5
    • Area: Abandoned Farm
    • Enemy: Werewolf
    • Area: North from the Farm and Militia Camp from the Westernmost edge of Dunley Farmlands
    • Enemy: Werewolf
  • Cursed Farmlands
    • Area: Lurker Dwelling
    • Enemies: Cursed Bear, Night Lurker x3
    • Area: Witch Hut
    • Enemy: Witch
    • Area: Ancient Village
    • Enemy: Banshee
  • Silverlight Hills
    • Area: Brighthaven Square
    • Enemy: Knight
    • Area: Brighthaven Cathedral
    • Enemy: Paladin

Remember these enemies have a chance of dropping Exquisite Hearts, thus it is not a guaranteed drop. Hence farming them is not going to be as easy as just eliminating them and getting the drop. Exquisite Hearts are used to get Primal Blood Essence. But there is another method to get it, so if you find this method tedious you should use the Greater Blood Essence to get it instead of using Exquisite Hearts. Let us check how to exactly use them.

How to Use Exquisite Heart

As mentioned before, you use Exquisite Hearts to make Primal Blood Essence. Here is the recipe for it.

  • Primal Blood Essence: Exquisite Heart x4

Alternatively, the other recipe for it is:

  • Primal Blood Essence: Greater Blood Essence x12

Once you get Primal Blood Essence you can then use it to craft various weapons, gears, and more.

That covers everything you should know about how to get and use Exquisite Heart in V Rising. Since you like playing this game I recommend you also check our other V Rising guides.