How To Get Exotic Hammer Molten Edict In Dauntless – Unlock Blueprint & Crafting Recipe

Hammer blast are replaced with unique fireballs

Learn how to unlock Molten Edict in Dauntless, in this Dauntless Exotic weapon guide you can read on how to get the blueprint and crafting recipe of Molten Edict Hammer. The hammer carries a special effect of the fireball. The fireball ability replaces the hammer blast and causes blaze damage if you are using this exotic weapon to kill a behemoth. Molten Edict is a Blaze element weapon, which best against Charrog, Embermane and Helion Behemoths. Read below on how to craft Molten Edict Exotic hammer in Dauntless.

How To Unlock Molten Edict

To unlock Molten Edict you will first need to the blueprint and you can find this by playing Heroic Patrols. A second way of getting Molten Edict blueprint is by slaying a Firebrand Charrogg. The behemoth is weak against Frost attacks. After getting the blueprint the next left is to find the crafting items to craft the exotic hammer. You can read the crafting recipe below.

Molten Edict Exotic Hammer Crafting Recipe

  • 150 Rams
  • 3 Charrogg Scale
  • 4 Scorched Rockhide
  • 6 Elemental Furyplate
  • 3 Elemental Tailgem

Items like Charrog Scale, Scorched Rockhide can be found by slaying a firebrand Charrogg and Elemental Furyplate and Tailgem can also be found during the same fight or playing the story.

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