How To Get Exotic Armor Tragic Echo In Dauntless – Unlock Blueprint & Crafting Recipe

Turn into a Shadow Clone that can cause 100% more damage

Tragic Echo is a part of exotic armor in Dauntless, an exotic helmet with the unique perk that allows you to resurrect yourself after death in a form of shadow clone. In this form, you can cause 100% more damage for around fifteen seconds. In this Dauntless Exotic armor guide find how to unlock the blueprint to craft Tragic Echo exotic armor. The exotic helmet is an Umbral element armor and weak against Radiant attack. Read below on how to craft Tragic Echo Exotic armor in Dauntless.

How To Unlock Tragic Echo

For the Tragic Echo exotic helmet, you will need to slay Shrowd Behemoth. And a second way to find the blueprint to craft Tragic Echo is completing Heroic Patrols. Shrowd Hunt can add a lot of grinding, so you have to research this a bit inorder to get the blueprint to craft Tragic Echo. It is the helmet of exotic armor that adds a unique ability that resurrects you after death into shadow clone. At this stage, you can cause 100% damage for about 15 seconds.

The Godhand Exotic War Pike Crafting Recipe

  • 75 Rams
  • 2 Shrowd Feather
  • 1 Darkbreak Fragment
  • 6 Neutral Clawgem

The second and third crafting item Shrowd Feather and Darkbreak Fragment can be farmed from Shrowd Hunt while the last one requires a Threat Level 8 neutral Behemoth. Just remember to farm Shrowd reagents to craft the exotic helmet in Dauntless.