How To Get The Skullforge In Dauntless – Unlock Blueprint & Crafting Recipe

Turn 1.5% of all damage into stamina shield

The Skullforge is an exotic helmet found in the Dauntless, the armor will grant you a unique ability to turn all 1.5% of damage into stamina shield. It will deplete with stamina, the perk is good enough to give you a bit of protection when you are engaged in a fierce battle. In this Dauntless Exotic armor guide find how to unlock the blueprint to craft The Skullforge exotic armor. The exotic helmet is a Blaze element armor and weak against Frost attack. Read below on how to craft The Skullforge Exotic armor in Dauntless.

How To Unlock The Skullforge

Being an exotic helmet it requires a lot of grinding, the Skullforge helmet can be found by slaying Firebrand Charrogg. There are also chances to unlock the blueprint of Skullforge helmet by completing Heroic Patrols. The helmet carries a badass look and brings the power of stamina shield. Once equipped the armor will turn 1.5% of all damage to stamina shield and stop at max 50. It depletes while using stamina, it will also deplete slowly after 5 seconds of not dealing any damage. So once you have the blueprint you will need the following items to craft it. Read the Skullforge crafting recipe below.

The Skullforge Exotic Helmet Crafting Recipe

  • 75 Rams
  • 2 Charrogg Scale
  • 1 Smoldering Tailspike
  • 6 Neutral Furyplate
  • 3 Neutral Skullgem

Charrogg Scale and Smoldering Tailspike can be farmed from taking down Charrog Behemoth, and the other items from a Threat Level 8 behemoth.