How To Get Exotic Armor Prismatic Grace In Dauntless – Unlock Blueprint & Crafting Recipe

Grants Invulnerability to damage for 5 seconds with Radiant Prism

Prismatic Grace is an Exotic Helmet with unique perks that can grant you invulnerability to attacks for five seconds. You will also earn Radiant Beam after reviving a player that will block incoming attacks. In this Dauntless Exotic armor guide find how to unlock the blueprint to craft Prismatic exotic armor. The exotic helmet is a Radiant element armor and weak against Umbral attack. Read below on how to craft Prismatic Grace Exotic armor in Dauntless.

How To Unlock Prismatic Grace

There are two ways to find a blueprint for crafting Prismatic Grace, first is by completing enough Heroic Patrols and second by slaying down a Rezakiri. By slaying the Rezakiri you gather enough crafting items to craft the exotic helmet, Prismatic Grace. Wearing this helmet will allow you to revive your teammates and at the time for short 5 second, it will make you invulnerable to incoming attack with Radiant Prism. If you take lethal damage for the first time you will gain invulnerability for 10 seconds. Prismatic Grace will help you to restore full health of both you and your teammate. Read below what crafting elements are needed to craft Prismatic Grace.

The Prismatic Grace Exotic Helmet Crafting Recipe

  • 75 Rams
  • 2 Rezakiri Chitin
  • 1 Exoskeletal Plate
  • 6 Neutral Furytail
  • 3 Neutral Tailgem

Rezakiri Chitin and Exoskeletal Plate can be harvested from the Rezakiri hunt and the last two elements Neutral Furytail and Neutral Tailgem can be found form a Behemoth with threat level 8 and above.