Unicorn Overlord: Should You Execute Or Spare Gammel?

Confused about whether it is best to execute or spare Gammel in Unicorn Overlord? This guide has listed out the rewards and consequences of your choice.

Unicorn Overlord is one of those games where your choices will shape the future of your playthrough. You will get numerous types of choices, and it’s obvious that you would want to know the rewards and consequences for each choice before committing to one. You will encounter numerous characters, and one of them is Gammel. Once you meet him the first time, you will have to choose whether to execute or spare Gammel in Unicorn Overlord.

If you are worried about the consequences and the rewards of either choice, our guide has covered exactly what you get in both situations. While it will come down to personal choice, we choose to spare him in our playthrough. Although there won’t be a big impact of this choice, it’s best that you check out what you will get.

What Happens if You Spare Gammel in Unicorn Overlord?

Should you Execute or Spare Gammel in Unicorn Overlord
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If you choose to spare Gammel in Unicorn Overlord, he will vow to repay your kindness someday, and you can recruit him as an ally later on in the game. Also, you will get the following rewards:

  • Rolf
  • x1 Recruit’s Shortbow
  • x1 Beckoning Bell
  • x1 Cornia Militia

What Happens if You Execute Gammel in Unicorn Overlord?

If you choose to execute Gammel, he will plot his revenge against Alain and the Liberation Army instead. However, along with the rewards you would receive for saving him, you will get an additional 10000 War Funds.

Should you Execute or Spare Gammel in Unicorn Overlord?

While the War Funds sound like important resources, it is better to spare Gammel since you can avoid his revenge plot and end up recruiting him. He is a rogue class and can be quite helpful during certain battles in the game.

That’s all you will need from this guide. If you found this guide helpful, do check out our other Unicorn Overlord guides right here at Gamer Tweak.