Unicorn Overlord: Should You Execute Or Free Mordon?

Wondering if it would be best to execute Mordon or spare him in Unicorn Overlord? Here are the consequences and rewards for both choices available.

Unicorn Overlord has numerous characters you meet, and you will often have to choose whether to spare them or execute them. Mordon is one such character that you will meet in the game, and you will have to decide his fate. Since this decision affects your playthrough a little, you would want the consequences of the choice you want to make. So if you are wondering what are the consequences and rewards if you execute or spare Mordon in Unicorn Overlord, this guide will help you with that.

Players will first encounter Mordon during the Battle of Barbatimo, and they will have to defeat them. After that, they will have to figure out whether to spare him or execute him. Since this does have an impact on the story, players will have to be careful with the decisions they make.

What Happens if You Execute Mordon in Unicorn Overlord?

Should you Execute or Free Mordon in Unicorn Overlord
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If you choose to kill Mordon in Unicorn Overlord, you will get a measly 30 Honors as a reward and you won’t have the option to recruit him further in the game. Since Honors are easy to collect in Auxiliary Stages, it wouldn’t really be a worthy reward.

What Happens if You Spare Mordon in Unicorn Overlord?

If you choose to spare Mordon in Unicorn Overlord, you will be able to recruit him as an ally. He is quite good at building broken bridges which allows you to unlock more areas. All you will need now is a few materials to do so, and you can unlock more locations to travel to.

Should you Execute or Free Mordon in Unicorn Overlord?

The consequences mentioned above should be enough for you to know that it is best to spare Mordon instead of killing him. He is quite useful as a Warrior type, and his bridge-repairing ability is an incentive enough to have him join the Liberation Army.

That’s all you will need from this guide. If you found this guide helpful, do check out our other Unicorn Overlord guides right here at Gamer Tweak.