How To Execute In Rogue Demon

Follow the steps mentioned in this guide to learn how to Execute your enemies In Rogue Demon.

Executing your enemies in Rogue Demon is one of the most important moves in the game. Based on the Anime – Demon Slayer, Rogue Demon is a fighting game that lets you put on the mask of a Demon and fight off your enemies using tricks like Breathing, Blocking, Dashing, etc. You can use these moves to your advantage by mastering them. This guide will help you in understanding how to execute properly.

How to Execute Your Enemies in Rogue Demon

Rogue Demon How To Execute
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  1. You can do this move only if your enemy is unconscious on the floor, as their Health at that point will be very low.
  2. Now all you need to do is press ‘B’ this will lead to you performing the execution.
  3. If you want to add a more dramatic effect and Execute your enemy Mid-Air, you can carry the body by clicking ‘V’ and preferably take them to the edge.
  4. To do this, you will have to remain in close contact with the body. When you are just at the end of the ledge, Jump and click ‘B’ again.
  5. Your Control over the ‘V’ and ‘B’ buttons is extremely crucial for doing the Mid-Air move properly. With a few rounds of practice, you will be able to nail it.

How To Use Other Moves In Rogue Demon

  • To Hit Your Enemy: Press the Left mouse button, With five punches you can knock your enemy out.
  • Blocking: Click on ‘F’ to initiate, this will help you take cover from attacks coming towards you.
  • Dashing: When you press the button ‘Q’ you can dash a few steps forward.
  • Breathing: This is one of the important moves in the game, click on ‘G’. There is a White Vertical line on your screen that will indicate your breathing. The more you breathe, the more your Buffs increase, which indirectly helps you fight better.

This is all you need to know to successfully Execute your enemy in Rogue Demon, if you liked this guide, you can check out more Roblox articles, right here on Gamer Tweak.

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