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Rockfish Games Reveal Everspace 2 At Gamescom

After the success of Everspace, the developers at Rockfish Games revealed the trailer for Everspace 2. The reveal was done during the Opening Night Live at Gamescom which showed some epic footage of this sci-fi space ship shooter game.

Not a lot is revealed as of yet, but the trailer shows the ability to go invisible which certainly raises eyebrows and looks amazing. This space combat game is looking to take things to a higher level than its prequel and looks like it will deliver.


Everspace 2 is scheduled to be released in 2021 for Xbox One, PC and PS4, which leaves a lot of time for the game to come out and we will certainly see more of it before the launch of the game.

But only judging through its trailer, Everspace 2 looks refreshing and will offer something different than the popular games currently around.

The developers also released a 22-minute gameplay video of Everspace 2 with developer commentary which you can check out below.


The combat looks amazing and the graphics are amazing which will mesmerize a lot of players, and there will certainly be a lot of ships which you can select from and customize as per your wishes.

We cannot wait for Everspace 2 to be released and will be covering new information as and when released.