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Europa Universalis IV: Emperor – New Means of Imperial Power Will Appear on June 9

Europa Universalis IV Expansion

Europa Universalis IV global strategy was released back in 2013 for Windows, Linux, and macOS. But so far Paradox Development continues to release regular add-ons and graphical improvements. For example, after 4 years, the Third Rome expansion introduced players to the history and culture of the Russian Empire. Now, developers have announced the addition of Emperor about the New Time.


Emperor talks about the rise and fall of empires. It starts from the sunset of Constantinople to the rise of Napoleon. Revolutions spread from one country to another like a fire. On this occasion, the plot trailer is also presented.

The supplement is dedicated primarily to European countries and gives new depth to the game for the Catholic states. The Holy Roman Empire will become more interactive and active. New opportunities are also expected for the Pontifical state and revolutionary movements.

The expansion will improve the three central mechanics, as well as bring many important changes to the game, including the addition of a modified map of Western and Central Europe, the Crown Earth, over 20 new unique branched missions for various European nations, and much more. The expansion will be released in many different languages, but they are not announced yet.

The Emperor extension will be released simultaneously with the free upgrade of the base Europa Universalis IV. And it will go on sale on June 9 in the Paradox Store service and Steam for $ 19.99, as well as in large chain stores. The game can be bought right now since pre-orders are already open to gamers.