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Diablo Immortal: How To Complete Establish The Warband Camp

Monsters not getting counted in Establish Warband Camp in Diablo Immortal? Check out this guide to learn how to fix and complete this quest.

Before you attempt the Establish the Warband Camp quest in Diablo Immortal, you should learn what a Warband is. It is this game’s mechanic that allows up to 8 players to play co-op. You unlock this feature as you progress the game. Hence you will eventually get the above-mentioned quest. But many players are facing a certain problem with it. So in this guide let us check how to complete Establish Warband Camp in Diablo Immortal and how to resolve monsters not counting.

How to Complete Establish Warband Camp in Diablo Immortal


diablo immortal establish the warband camp

In order to complete the Establish Warband Camp objective in this game, you need to slay 10000 monsters with the members of your Warband. That’s right, this isn’t a solo quest you need to be playing with the members of your Warband or guild to progress in this quest. Here is what you need to do:

  • Before starting this quest, team up with your Warband members. It doesn’t matter if you join or invite them, the players need to be from your Warband.
  • Once the players are ready you can start eliminating the monsters. A good thing about this objective is higher level players can carry the lower-level players. This quest counts kills as a whole so no matter if you do all the work or your party members, you will reach the goal irrespectively.


Establish Warband Camp Monsters not Counting Fix

While attempting this quest many players are facing the issue of monsters not getting counted. The reason for it is simple, your party members might not be of the same Warband. As explained before, the only way to progress here is by playing with the members of your Warband. Thus simply partying up with your friends won’t do the trick if you or your friends are not in the same Warband.

That covers this guide on how to complete the Establish Warband Camp in Diablo Immortal & fix for monsters not counting. Since you like playing this game you might also find our guides interesting on topics like how to get runes & fading embers and treasure goblins in this game.