How eSport Tournaments Are Shaping The Career Prospects For Gamers?

Here is an exclusive coverage of the career trends of the eSports industry by Mr. Yash Pariani (Founder & CEO of House Of Gaming)

When people think about sports, cricket, football, and other physically demanding games likely springs to mind first. These games require extraordinary abilities and athletic prowess to play well. However, esports is quickly overtaking different types of entertainment and competition as the most well-liked industry in the nation! Even though India’s esports business is still in its early stage, current trends indicate that it will soon catch up to and surpass the country’s traditional sports leagues.

Esports, commonly referred to as competitive gaming, are leagues, tournaments, or other similar contests in which individuals or teams play video games, for the amusement of onlookers, for rewards, money, or other purposes. Thus, a significant segment of the video game industry is esports. The contests of the most popular games are hosted in world-class arenas, watched by millions of people, and supported by international corporations. They are organized by some of the world’s most well-known video game businesses.

Importance of Esports Tournaments

Esports Tournament

To create a business ecosystem that supports competitive esports, the esports industry brings together a sizable number of various business organizations, institutions, and people. The esports participants are well-known. Furthermore, the people who play video games competitively, the esports organizations they represent, the people who organize tournaments, and last but not least, the game designers all work together to build the platform that allows esports to exist.

Tournaments would only take place with an esports title. Without tournaments, there wouldn’t be any teams, and without audiences to cheer them on and generate revenue from, there wouldn’t be any teams. Esports has recently attracted a variety of secondary stakeholders from various industry backgrounds. They are advancing the field with professionalism and new thoughts, but they still need to establish their position in the competitive market.

In addition, increased viewer engagement, growing live-streaming platforms, and improved event infrastructure are some causes propelling the esports sector’s tremendous growth. A high need exists for skilled professionals who can manage projects, provide senior support leadership, and create business plans to influence this developing area. The opportunity for students to obtain experience in these professions will grow as the number of contests and tournaments have risen post-covid, assisting them in preparing for a career in esports. The sector is creating a growing number of positions, and specific esports jobs support this.

Here’s a look at some career prospects for gamers:

1. Team Coach:


Leagues employ coaches to inspire players and improve their performance. The coaches pinpoint their strengths and flaws to improve the athletes’ performance and are responsible for developing in-game plans and honing each player’s skill.

2. QA Tester

You can become a game tester if you are obsessed with detecting bugs so that apps are bug-free. Tech geeks called game testers or QA (Quality Assurance) ensure that games are free of bugs. They find bugs and let game designers know about them. They have to keep an eye on the game right after it launches to ensure none of the levels have bugs. A QA tester must comprehend all documentation requirements and possess strong analytical and technical game knowledge.

3. Game Developer

You can work as a game developer in the esports sector if you’re proficient at coding. You will be in charge of performing the programming for creating a video game. You have to transform ideas into real, playable goods as a developer. Moreover, as a game developer, you should know gaming scenarios, character design, scenery design, and user interface design.

4. Game Streamer

The ecology surrounding esports is not complete without game broadcasting. You can stream video games on your computer, laptop, phone, or tablet, and can also stream esports events. As a streamer, you can use multiple platforms to broadcast your preferred video games in order to get popularity and money.

5. Product Manager

Product managers are crucial to the esports sector. They are in charge of a number of esports-related management tasks. They are the experts who plan social media strategy, keep an eye on PR marketing initiatives, and oversee esports competitions. Additionally, they look for brand sponsors and new business partnerships.

Yash Pariani - Founder & CEO of House Of Gaming

All Things Considered!

Esports nowadays offers a wide range of job prospects to people who are passionate about the industry but may wish to move beyond the obvious choice of live-streaming their gameplay. Esports has created a whole ecosystem of roles and responsibilities, including some of the most lucrative and satisfying full-time employment, especially for young individuals, such as game developers, QA testers, product managers, team coaches, game streamers, and many more. In addition, today’s career options go well beyond what can be seen on the surface. Only some can truly comprehend the potential opportunities in the esports sector and the career prospects it can give, even though gaming is a hugely popular and rapidly expanding industry.

By Yash Pariani  (Founder and CEO of House of Gaming). All views expressed are personal.