A Plague Tale Innocence Escaping From The Village Puzzle

Read to get solutions on Escape the Villagers puzzle

In mission Escape The Villager Amicia and Hugo are trying to run away from the villager who is trying to kill them. You will be stuck in a wooden house where on the left side is a small window to get out. Amicia cannot climb on that and this triggers a few small puzzles to pass the obstacles. In this A Plague Tale Innocence puzzle solution guide, I will tell how you can safely exit and what more puzzles you will find ahead.

Escape From Village Obstacle Puzzle Solution

Once you are in the wooden house after running from the villagers look on the right for a big cart. Press X to interact, and use the Left Joystick to push and pull it. Use the Right Joystick to orient it and press Square to drop.

A Plague Tale Innocence Village Puzzle

Place it right below the window and climb up with Hugo. Now there is a second puzzle here, look on left top for another cart suspended through a chain. Use Slingshot to break the chain and the cart falls. Once again push it below the window and climb up to exit.

A Plague Tale Innocence Village Puzzle

Once you are out, walk down the alley and turn right. Continue running until a women shouts and alert others. Run towards the ladder, let Hugo pass on the other side. Unfortunately, it will break, go to the left, jump over a broken wooden log and help Hugo to break the Wooden cage suspended from a chain. You can spot it easily. He will push it down and climb up.

Always look for rocks around and keep them in your inventory you will require them a lot while progressing through the story. You will once again land into a place similar to Alicia’s home which was heavily surrounded by enemies. This time there are villagers. You have to quietly sneak around and use distractions to escape the place.