How To Fix The No Shoot, Out of Stock, And Insurance Error In Escape From Tarkov

Prasad More
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Escape From Tarkov is still in beta which means that there still are a few bugs loitering around which may or may not hamper your experience of the game. If you do run into some bugs and want to fix them then this guide will show you how to fix the No Shoot, Out of Stock, and Insurance Error.

How To Fix  the No Shoot, Out of Stock, and Insurance Error In Escape From Tarkov

Every game has a few bugs that somehow go undetected, even if the game is released you will come across a few of those. This comes true for games that still are in development and Espace From Tarkov is still in beta which means that although it is playable as of now, it still isn’t quite complete.

No Shoot Bug

There is a bug that causes the players to not shoot at their desired targets, and you know how big of an issue this can be. This though seems like a big problem can be solved quickly as all you have to do is log out of the game and log back in. That’s all there is to it. There are some people saying that if you get shot first the bug disappears but we’re unwilling to take that risk.

Out of Stock Bug

Escape From Tarkov gives you a limited supply of items and you will constantly be selling things to get better items. A bug was discovered which prevented players from selling their items. The bug makes the item gets stuck in the flea market and blocks a slot. On top of this, you get the remove option and out of stock message overlapping.

This has been happening with people who are buying weapons from the presets menu, to solve this you only have to wait for about 12 hours. There doesn’t seem to be any workaround to this, and neither the developers have given any explanation.

There is one more flea market bug that prevents players from filtering their search results and having to scroll down pages upon pages of items. To fix this all you have to do is click the gear icon in the flea market and change the 0 to 1 under quantity and apply the changes.

Insurance Returns Bug

If you are having problems reclaiming your items from insurance when you die in a game there is one thing that you can do to solve it and it is to use the “Recieve All” option and it will hopefully fix everything.

Unable To Reconnect To The Game Bug

If you are getting kicked out of the server while in a game there is only one thing for you to do is wait for the raid to end. Once that is done everything should be back to normal.

This is all there is to know about how to fix bugs in Escape From Tarkov. Make sure that you check out other guides on Escape From Tarkov as well.