Escape From Tarkov 2023 Customs Map Guide

Here's everything you need to know about Escape From Tarkov Customs Map.

Are you trying to learn Escape From Tarkov Customs map? If your answer is “YES” then you have come to the right place. In the Escape From Tarkov Customs map guide, we will share in-depth information on the various key areas of the map such as Extraction Points, Boss Locations, Loots, etc.

Using the following information, you can easily plan your raid and make your way to the exit point to complete the challenge. However, before you barge into Escape From Tarkov Customs map, make sure you know what major locations you will have to enter or avoid.

To see Extraction Point press O twice and you will see the list of available extraction points in the game. Also, you will be facing Scav Boss Reshala in this area.

Escape From Tarkov Customs Map 2023

Below are the screenshots of the Escape From Tarkov Customs Map. The images will help you to find exact locations all custom maps extraction points, boss locations, sniper locations, quest items, etc.

Escape From Tarkov Customs Map Extraction

Escape from Tarkov Customs Map Extraction Points

There are around twenty-two extraction points in Escape From Tarkov Customs Map 2023. This does sound easy to reach them all, but it is necessary to know where are they located. So once you are done with your challenges you can head to the extraction point to complete your game. The above map screenshot shows all the exaction points click on the link to view a bigger version of the image.

  1. Crossroads
  2. Trailer Park
  3. Trailer Park Worker’s Shack
  4. Railroad to Tarkov
  5. Railroad to Port
  6. Ruaf Roadblock
  7. Warehouse 17
  8. Smugglers Boat
  9. Sniper Roadblock
  10. Factory Shacks
  11. Dorms V-EX
  12. Old Road Gate
  13. Warehouse 4
  14. Old Gas Station
  15. Railroad Military Base
  16. Passage Between Rocks
  17. ZB-1012
  18. ZB-1011
  19. Military Base CP
  20. Scav Checkpoint
  21. Administration Gate
  22. Factory Far Corner.

Escape From Tarkov Customs Map Spawn

Your landing spot or spawn location is highly important because this is where you will decide where to go. Which are the nearby PMC Spawn, loot spots, bosses, etc. You can either spawn on the west or east of the map. These are two common corners of Customs Map, and from here you will begin your journey to complete challenges.


Escape from Tarkov Custom Map Spawn Location

The above image shows Custom Maps West Spawn Locations. There are 10 Spawn points which are pretty far from the middle but not from the extraction points.

Escape from Tarkov Custom Map Spawn East Location

The above Custom Map Screenshot features the far east corner. Here there are more spawn locations at the south end corner, so if you are here plan your way well again it is another corner of the map. Traveling to the center is a long journey.

EFT Custom Map Boss Locations [UPDATED]

Escape From Tarkov Customs Map 2020

There are two spots in the Custom Map you will find bosses. You can plan your way depending on your load-out type. The bosses mostly sit in the center area of the map. These two are the possible spawn location of Reshala. So if you are unable to find one place you can travel to the second one.

EFT Custom Map Sniper & Scavs Locations

Escape from Tarkov Custom Map Sniper and Scavs Location

Another important thing is knowing where are the Scav’s and Snipers on Escape from Tarkov Customs Maps. These are the enemies you will have to watch out for. So when you are moving around beware of the snipers in your path.

EFT Custom Map Weapon Box Locations

You can use the below image to find all the weapons boxes scattered around the map. Some of them are easy to access while some are hidden in high-rise buildings. Keep this map as your navigation to locate them all.

Escape from Tarkov Customs Map Weapon Crate Locations

With these there are still more to look at, the map is massive with tons of loots and chests. There are keys, safe, and a weapon box. You will find many things by exploring the region. If you want to know about Interchange Map then we also have a shot tip guide that will help you to find out major extraction points, boss lotions, etc.