Battlefield 2042 ‘Error Code 15 600P 7A’ Fix

Aniket Maurya
3 Min Read

Are you looking to get rid of the 15 600P 7A error code in Battlefield 2042? If yes, then you have just arrived at the right place. This issue is somewhat similar to the infamous ‘Error Code 15 1305p’ in this game. This error code mainly pops up due to the system being unable to access the servers properly. There are several reasons for it to happen and we are going to mention solutions to fix all of them. That being said, here are all the possible fixes that you should try.

How to Fix ‘Error Code 15 600P 7A’ in Battlefield 2042
Battlefield 2042 Error Code 15 600P 7A Fix

Here are all the solutions to fix the error code 15 600P 7A in Battlefield 2042.

Check your Internet Connection

It may sound silly but many times, poor internet connectivity is the root cause. Hence, it is recommended that you restart your router and device before trying to relaunch Battlefield 2042 again.

Update your Network Drivers

There’s a chance that an outdated driver is causing the error code 15 600P 7A to pop up. Anyways, here’s how you can update your Network Driver:

  • From the Search bar, look for Device Manager.
  • Therein, navigate and double-click on the Network Adapters.
  • Further, right-click on your Network Adapter to update it.
  • This should mostly fix the 15 600P 7A error code.

Repair Battlefield 2042

  • On Steam:
    • Head over to the Steam Library and right-click on Battlefield 2042
    • Now, click on Properties > Local Files tab.
    • From there, navigate and click on Verify Integrity of Game Files to repair the game.
  • On EA App:
    • Head over to the My Collection Menu on EA App.
    • Further, click on the 3 dots and select Repair.

Disable Antivirus & Firewall

Sometimes, a game is unable to connect to its servers properly due to interference from Antivirus & Firewalls. Here is how to disable them:

  • In the Windows Settings, head over to Update & Security Option.
  • From there, click on Windows Security > Virus & Threat Protections.
  • Now, click on Manage Settings to Disable it.

If it still does not fix the error code 15 600P 7A, then you can head over to the EA Support Website to report it.

That is everything you can do to fix the error code 15 600P 7A in Battlefield 2042. While you are here, make sure to check out our other Battlefield 2042 Guides right here on Gamer Tweak.

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