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All New World Error Codes Fixes

Here are the complete New World Error Codes and their fixes.

New World has its fair share of errors that keep popping from time to time. Some error codes keep popping up the log after server maintenance is over. This would be frustrating when all your friends are in the game, and you are the only one left behind on the log-in screen. So today let’s put a stop to this and look at all the available solutions to fix these

How to Fix New World Error Code 23


To fix New World Error Code 23 you have to:

  • Uninstall beta version completely
  • Delete files from C:/Users/[user name]/App Data/Local/AGS and C:/Users/[user name]/App Data/Local/AGS.
  • Delete the steam_appid file from the Steam folder.
  • Then right-click on the game launcher>properties>compatibility tab, uncheck start as administrator box

How to Fix New World Error Code


How to Fix New World Error Code 408

To fix Error Code 408, make sure the Steam overlay is turned on and working properly. Press Shift+Tab while in-game to bring up the Steam overlay. If the overlay isn’t working right now, simply leave New World and restart the game.

How to Fix Error Code 25


Rather than launching from a desktop shortcut, open Steam as administrator and press the Play button to fix New World Error Code 25.

How to Fix Error 14

To fix Error Code 14 you have to repair Easyanticheat. To do so, navigate to the game’s installation directory. Select the option to repair the application by double-clicking the EAC executable.

How to Fix Error 15


To fix this Error Code 15, you have to follow exact same steps as error code 14 by repairing the Easyanticheat executable file.

How to Fix Error 10011

To fix this Error Code 10011 do a full restart and start the game right away before any other program. Make sure to disable programs from the “Startup” tab in the taskbar as necessary.

That’s everything you need to know about how to fix New World Error Codes. If you are an avid player of this game, then make sure to read our New World Guides for more tips & tricks like this.