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Genshin Impact Error Code 4201 Fix

Here is how you can fix error 4201 in Genshin Impact.

No matter if you play Genshin Impact on your phone, PC, PS4, or PS5 the error 4201 can hunt you all the same. This is a connection error that happens when the game is having trouble connecting to the internet. While this is an annoying issue, there are a few things you can do to solve this problem. So in this guide let us check how you can fix the error code 4201 for Genshin Impact.


How to Fix Error Code 4201 in Genshin Impact

how to fix error 4201 in genshin impact

These are all the solutions that you can try to fix this problem.

  • Restart the Game: This fix works irrespective of the system you play in. Close the game and launch it again. There is a good chance you won’t get this error again after restarting.
  • Test your internet connection: The first reason for this error is, that it happens because of a bad connection. And if your internet isn’t working properly then you have a high chance of getting this error. So do a speed test to check if your internet is stable. If it isn’t then you should fix it before trying to play again.
  • Refresh your internet: One of the ways you can fix it is when you refresh your connection. This is how you can do that:
    • Wireless connection: Rebooting your router can help get your internet to work again.
    • Wired connection: Plug out the Ethernet cable wait for a few seconds and plug it back in.
    • Enable/Disable Airplane mode: This fix is for Android and iOS users that play on mobile data. Enable the airplane mode on your phone also known as flight mode. Wait for a few seconds and disable flight mode to start using your net again.
  • Restart your system: Restarting your phone, PS4, PS5 or PC can also help solve this problem. Once it is on try playing the game again.
  • Run the game as admin: This fix is only for PC. Right-click on the icon of Genshin Impact and choose Run as administrator.
  • Reinstall the game: While this isn’t the most ideal fix you can use it if the above fixes don’t help. Uninstall the game and remove all files from your system. Once removed do a clean installation.

That covers everything you need to do to fix the Error 4201 in Genshin Impact. If you found this guide to be helpful and are interested in knowing about other things for this game then check out our Genshin Impact guides.