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Sims 4 Error Code 0 Game Failed To Save – How To Fix? (2023)

Here are a few workarounds to fix Sims 4 Error Code 0 as suggested by the community.

Many players are reporting that they are encountering the Sims 4 Error Code 0 causing a failure to save the game. This can be frustrating especially since you might end up spending hours on Sims 4, only to not be able to save it. Is it due to some mods that you might be using or is it due to a bug? Here’s everything you need to know.


How to Fix Sims 4 Error Code 0 – Game Failed to Save?

game failed to save error 0 sims 4

This problem could come up when there’s an issue with the autosave file and it gets corrupted, usually after the game freezes or crashes.

Delete Cache & Create a New Save

  • Close the game and head to Documents/Electronic Arts/The Sims 4/cache.
  • Delete the cache files only.
  • Cut and move your saves folder to your Desktop.
  • Now, start the game. This will help you create a new save folder.
  • Close Sims 4.
  • Next, copy the save game from the folder on your Desktop to the new folder that was created and make sure to do it one by one.

Choose ‘Save As’

Select Save as and rename the file. Also, remember to choose Save As while playing so that you have multiple save files to use in case something goes wrong.
If you have been playing Sims 4 for lots of months/years and can’t risk losing progress, make sure to back up your saves folder in an external drive, just to be safe.


Restore Saved Backup File

Remember that the game will make save game backups (up to 5) and you can recover them as well. The oldest backup file gets overwritten when you keep saving the game.

If you’d like to restore a save from the game itself, click on the Load button on the main screen and select the older save which is not corrupted. Next, click on Recover Save and it should work smoothly. Make sure to check the date and time of the chosen save – although you might lose some progress, it is better than losing a bit chunk of progression.


For a manual backup:

  • Go to Documents/Electronic Arts/The Sims 4/saves
  • Find the file named: Slot_(Number).save.
  • You can move it elsewhere or delete it if you’re sure.
  • Then, rename one of the Slot_(Number).save.ver(Number) files with the Slot_(Number).save name that you just removed.
  • By doing this, you are telling the game, that this backup file should be your main save file and that’s what you will get when you load up the game. Again, make sure to check the date and time of the chosen save.

IMPORTANT: If you feel like you might do something wrong, don’t worry. Just keep copies of the files you are changing up and revert the process if something goes wrong (paste the original files in the original locations).


Remove Mods

Sometimes, the mods you have applied to Sims 4 can cause issues with the base game. Remove them and load up Sims to see if you are able to save properly.

Other Recommendations

Some more suggestions from the community include turning vertical sync on, lowering the graphics, restarting Origin, updating the game, restarting your computer, and repairing Sims 4.

Here’s how to repair game files on Origin:

  • Launch the Origin client.
  • Click on My Game Library.
  • Find The Sims 4.
  • Right-click on it.
  • Click on Repair.
  • Then the process of file verification will begin.
  • After it’s done, relaunch the game.

If none of this works out, contact EA support for assistance or make a post on answers.ea.com for additional help.