MLB The Show 22 Error CE-34878-0 Fix

Can't play MLB The Show 22 because of error CE-34878-0? This guide will help you with ways to fix it.

Many PS4 players are getting the error CE-34878-0 in MLB The Show 22. This is an annoying problem that prevents you from playing the game. Whenever you get this error it will take you back to the home screen. So in this guide let us check how to fix the Error CE-34878-0 for MLB The Show 22.

How to Fix MLB The Show 22 error CE-34878-0

mlb the show 22 error ce-34878-0 fix

As mentioned above the error CE-34878-0 is faced by PS4 users. Hence these fixes revolve more around the system than the game. But there is speculation by some players in the community that this issue arrived after the latest update. So only the console is not at fault, here are a few ways that allow you to resolve this error.

  • Restart the Game: First, close the game completely and then start it again. Usually, a simple restart of the game should be enough to resolve this issue.
  • Update the Game: Go to the home screen and then highlight MLB The Show 22. Next, check for updates, if any new update is out, then update your game. Restart the game after updating and see if you still get the error.
  • Restart your PS4: Press and hold the PS button on your PS4 controller, here restart your PS4.
  • Update your PS4: Go to settings, here choose System Software Update and check if any updates are available. If there are then install them and reboot your console before trying the game.
  • Use the Original Harddrive: You can get this issue if you are using an upgraded HDD on your PS4, if that is the case then replace it and re-install the original HDD. Try playing the game on it.
  • Remove the PS Camera: If you use a PS camera then it can also be one of the causes of this issue. Disconnect it, disable face recognition and then restart your PS4. Now the game shouldn’t give you this error.
  • Report the error: This is not exactly a fix but rather a step to get the fix. Report your problem to the developers, it will allow you to properly explain the error and help them fix it faster.

That covers all the ways you can fix the MLB The Show Error CE-34878-0. If the game is working for you but you are looking to fix mini-seasons then we have a guide for it to help you out.