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Error 143 Codes – All Friend’s PC Passwords!

Here are all the Codes that you can use to Hack a PC in Error 143?

Looking for the codes (passwords) to enter in your friend’s computers in Error 143? Don’t worry, you have just arrived at the right place. You can use these codes to hack and access your friend’s computer to take a look at everything they have got. That being said, here are all the codes that you are looking for. Make sure to read till to know the steps to enter the codes as well.

All Error 143 Codes

All Error 143 Codes

Here are all the codes that you can use to hack other’s PC:

  • Chochi – 99B50D
  • Crocnapping – 4PPLEB0TT0MJ43ANS
  • Faranesque – PASSWORD1
  • Jennyan – LOSER
  • Ma-Rina – KINIKILIG
  • Mationette – HOTDOG
  • Nine – 12345
  • Odreru – AMEN
  • Ohn – BLUBBU
  • Rei – POOPHEAD
  • Tofu – SWAGLORD
  • Tora – SOUP
  • Xavi – LURKER

How to Use Codes in Error 143?

There is a list of contacts available on your system. Besides chatting with them, you can also Hack their PC and know private things about them. To do so, simply select a Contact from the list and click on the Hack button below. Further, navigate and click on the Backdoors icon on your PC. For the next step, simply use the above-mentioned codes to Hack the computer of the respective contact.

Performing all these sneaky activities will help you get to know more about your rival, Micah. Moreover, it is necessary for you to best each and every character in Error 143.

That is pretty much it about the Codes and how to use them in Error 143. While you are here, make sure to check out our Mobile Game Category for more such content. Additionally, you can also take a look at our Video Game Guides that features equally entertaining content.