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Genshin Impact Ernest Location Guide: Where to find Ernest

For delivering food to Ernest, Sara will give you a lot of things such as Crab, Ham and Veggie.

Genshin Impact provides it’s player four random commissions on a daily basis in exchange for Primogems and Adventure XP. There are some commissions that are quite complicated and difficult to complete. One of them is to locate NPCs. There is a commission in Genshin Impact, which needs you to deliver food. This begins with Sara at Mondstadt’s Good Hunter.

The only reason why you have to deliver the food is Sara, a waitress is making all possible efforts to deliver food to all of its clients on time but the restaurant in which she works is understaffed. Sara will give you food that you will have to deliver to Ernest in two minutes of time.


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If you have been struggling to discover Ernest’s location in Genshin Impact then this guide is for you.

Where to find Ernest in Genshin Impact


For the unversed, Ernest is one of many NPCs located outside the Dawn Winery in Mondstadt. After having a brief talk and accept Sara’s quest at the Good Hunter, you will be given two minutes to deliver the food to Ernest. What all you need to do is teleport to the location nearby Dawn Winery.

When you get there, you will see a purple marker on Ernest’s head. Unlike other NPCs in Genshin Impact, finding Ernest is a lot easier. Yes, you can easily find him because he will be standing outside of the main building in Dawn Winery.

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Once you have successfully delivered the food to Ernest, go back to the Good Hunter in Mondtsatd. After taking the money back to Sara, turn it on to complete the commission and get your reward. For delivering food to Ernest, Sara will give you a lot of things such as Crab, Ham and Veggie. Apart from that, you will also get 10 Primogems for completing this daily commission.

That’s everything you need to know about where to find Ernest in Genshin Impact and get a lot of rewards.