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EPIC Removing V Bucks Bought From Third Party Sellers

Epic is getting aggressive towards third party V bucks sellers and will take away V bucks away from players who purchase the items from such websites.

V bucks are the currency of Fortnite with which players can purchase season passes or cosmetic items, which builds towards Epic’s revenue, but other websites and a few people have found a way to exploit this and make a fortune.


Recently this has been getting out of hand and Epic has taken the effort to revert these changes. Scammers and hackers have been attacking players and taking V-bucks from their accounts without the players knowing.

This V-buck controversy certainly hasn’t reached its end but this might result in a lot of players ultimately losing a lot of V-bucks which may or may not be refunded.

The biggest risk of purchasing V bucks from a third party seller is the fact that you aren’t guaranteed anything and this might lead to tons of players especially kids being scammed.


As the prices of skins and other cosmetic items go high, some players have tried getting V-bucks from illegitimate sources and this might result in long-lasting damage.

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