Epic Games Store Has Given 108 Games for Free Worth More Than $ 2000

Epic Games Store Free Games

Epic Games Store began operating in December 2018. And since that time, it has been constantly offering various games for free to their users. At first, such distributions were held every two weeks. However, after some time, the interval was reduced to seven days. Different western medias decided to calculate exactly how many projects were presented by Epic Games Stor to its customers. Also, they decided to calculate the exact cost of those games.

According to the Eurogamer portal with reference to the source, in the Epic Games Store, 108 different games were given for free. Each user could participate in the action and add the project to his library. Restrictions on the total number of free copies of products have never been set. The total cost of all the interactive entertainment that was distributed in the store is $ 2141, which is fantastic.

We remind that the first free game in the Epic Games Store was Subnautica. This is a survival simulator in the underwater world. And now Grand Theft Auto V is also given for free in the service. However, as we can see now, this fact was not liked by many users. They began to bombard the project with negative reviews on Steam. First of all, it happens because of a huge amount of cheaters and the increased load on GTA Online servers.

The promotion with the participation of GTA V will last until May 21. Then, according to various rumors, Sid Meier’s Civilization VI strategy will become free.

Source: Eurogamer