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Epic Games Store Down, Error 500 and How to Solve It

After it was first announced in December 2018, the Epic Games Store has offered a whole catalog of traditional video games to players. Every Thursday at a particular time, a new game can be downloaded free for a week. After this period, it is another game that is put forward to be obtained without paying a single penny, and so on.

Today, for the past few minutes, many players are having a hard time logging into the Epic Games Store; the reason is simple, everyone is hoping to get GTA 5, the weekly free PC game, in the game store.


Unable to launch Epic Games Store


You must have suspected it, alas! Faced with the craze around the leak of free GTA 5 from the Epic Games, it has met with huge traffic from users all around the world. It is therefore quite normal that certain bugs are encountered by players, such as the famous error 500 that many might be experiencing. If you facing such an issue, you will have to wait or restart the launcher itself because it simply means that too many people are trying to connect to the Epic Games.

There are also hundreds of tweets raining on social networks of players who cannot access the Epic Games Store. The publisher did not wait long before communicating about the bug and error 500 explaining that the developers were working to resolve the problem.

How to resolve the Epic Games Store error 500?


If you are trying to access the Epic Games Stores via its application or even if you are trying to log into the official website, you will find it impossible to access it at the moment.

At the time of writing this article, there is no workaround to fix this bug; Epic Games is working on fixing the problem currently.