All Entities And How To Survive Them In Inside The Backrooms

Keep your torch lit as we look at all the entities and how to survive them in Inside the Backrooms.

There’s nothing quite like spending a night in the endless halls of Inside the Backrooms. The indie game by developer MrFatcat turns one of the internet’s most famous creepypasta into a fully realized game filled with secrets and horror. The atmosphere of the game is helped by the addition of a handful of entities whose only goal is to hunt and kill the players. Let’s look at all the entities in Inside the Backrooms and how to survive them.

All Entities in Inside the Backrooms

The game has over 100 Entities that can appear in your playthrough. Let’s look at the ones that make the most impact.

Entity (Number Unknown) – Cable Monster or The Bacteria

bacteria all entities inside the backrooms

Players will run into this creature during the first level. A large black mass made of cables (hence the name) this monster will relentlessly hunt you down once he spots you. His loud footsteps and piercing screech indicate that he has spotted you. Players need to pay attention to the lights in the room as they will turn red when he is around. The best way to counter him is to avoid him at all costs. Spriting away and hiding in a locker is your only hope against this monster.

Entity 3 – The Smilers

the smilers all entities inside the backrooms

True to their name The Smilers wait in the darkest corners of the backrooms. Starring at them directly or getting in too close will lead to certain death. All you have to do to beat them is look away and break the line of sight. Walk close to the corner and use the room to your advantage once you spot their devilish grins.

Entity 8 – The Hound

the hound all entities inside the backroom

These large creatures which eerily human faces hunt for players in the dark of the backrooms. They like to move through vents and jump down on unsuspecting players, instantly killing them. The best way to counter them is to maintain eye contact when they cross your path. Just stare at them while you backway slowly to avoid certain death.

Entity 10 – The Skin Stealers

skin stealer all entities inside the backroom

These zombie-like entities roam the office space and parking garage of the game looking to feed on the dead. Any contact with them will lead to an instant kill so try and avoid them at all costs. They seem to stick to a set pattern of movements so players can mirror their cycle to easily keep them at bay. If they do spot you, run away and hide inside a locker to avoid certain death.

Entity 67 – The Partygoers

partygoers all entities inside the backroom

These humanoid creatures love to throw parties to lure in victims, turning them into cakes. Players can find this entity lurking in the office space and party room. Once they spot you, they will rush at you, killing you instantly. Run away and use the winding corridors to your advantage. While in the maze you can use your footsteps to spot them before they catch you.

Entity 5 – The Clumps

clumps all entities inside the backrooms

Piles of flesh and bone wait for unsuspecting victims, The clumps can be found in the sewers of the game. Get in too close to them and they will swallow you whole. Players can use the motion detector to spot them in the water and make things easier. Once you know where they are, it’s just a game of hide and seeks.

Entity 25 – The Rat

rat all entities inside the backrooms

Contrary to the name, The Rats are large blind entities that roam the sewers looking for a fresh meal. A lack of vision doesn’t stop this entity from being a threat, all it needs is one tiny sound, and it’s game over for you. Its sharp sense of hearing can pick up on any movements or actions the player makes, so don’t move a muscle when they pass you.

That’s all the entities you’ll find in Inside the Backrooms. Check out other such Guides for games and game-related news right here on Gamer Tweak.